Why Mindful Eating

The “Me!” in Granola Me! and Biscotti Me! is short for "mindful eating".

In a nutshell, we ensure our products have the greatest positive impact possible on the planet and our bodies. We purchase responsibly sourced and organic ingredients wherever possible. Not all organic raw ingredients are treated equally. Knowing the origin of our ingredients and understanding the processing is of great importance to us. None of our ingredients are from China. None of our organic raw ingredients are chemically pasteurized, our almonds are truly raw.

Mindful eating does not stop with the ingredients. All our packaging and labeling are compostable. When the day comes that Granola Me! and Biscotti Me! are no longer in production, there is no reason to have left behind a trace that it ever existed. It is critical that we choose to lessen the impact on our planet by minimizing pesticides, GMOs, and chemical pasteurizing, and most importantly to decrease single-use plastic packaging.

Right for you and for the planet, that is why mindful eating.