Our Story

When our son came to live with us, there was one food he had to have in the house, granola bars. So, in 2015, from our tiny New York kitchen, I started experimenting with granola recipes.  I replaced ingredients to create a healthier, less inflammatory option from the store-bought granola that our son loved.

I wanted a product that conveyed the importance of thinking about the food we put into our bodies. Granola Mindful Eating was born, now known as Granola Me!

We moved to the Twin Cities in 2016, and in the spring of 2018, we were selling at our first farmers market in East Isles. Now you can find Granola Me! at multiple farmers markets around the greater Twin Cities area, and online!

Our company name, Anga Mangia LLC (pronounced Anja Manja) is an homage to my papa who called me Anga, short for Angela, and would start every family meal telling me in Italian, “Mangia Anga, Mangia Mangia”, or “eat Anga, eat eat”. Family, food, tradition. Bringing our table to yours, we hope you enjoy! Mangia Mangia!